A Christian Nationalist Blitz - 2018-05-26

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F37.png A Christian Nationalist Blitz May 26, 2018, Katherine Stewart, Opinion, New York Times

America's Christian nationalists have a new plan for advancing their legislative goals in state capitols across the country. Its stated aim is to promote "religious freedom." Not shy, they call it "Project Blitz."

"Blitz" accurately describes the spirit of the enterprise, but the mission has little to do with what most Americans would call religious freedom. This is just the latest attempt by religious extremists to use the coercive powers of government to secure a privileged position in society for their version of Christianity.

The idea behind Project Blitz is to overwhelm state legislatures with bills based on centrally manufactured legislation. "It's kind of like whack-a-mole for the other side; it'll drive 'em crazy that they'll have to divide their resources out in opposing this," David Barton, the Christian nationalist historian and one of four members of Project Blitz's "steering team," said in a conference call with state legislators from around the country that was later made public.

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