Atheist goes into Scientology center experience - 2015-03-28

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F355.png Atheist goes into Scientology center experience March 28, 2015, CollegeTalkTV, YouTube

I went to the scientology center on Hollywood Blvd. during my trip to LA. I went in with an open and mind and everything that I've heard about Scientology being a money making scam seemed to be true. I think Scientology is crazy like any other religion, But the way they try to sell you their courses seemed more like a business then a church. They tried to give me an e meter test. But I said it was too long. And I spoke one on one with the scientologist manager at the location. He used a lot pseudoscience to try to persuade me.

The back ground information from Wikipedia

Scientology is a body of beliefs and related practices created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard (19111986), beginning in 1952 as a successor to his earlier self-help system, Dianetics.[6] Hubbard characterized Scientology as a religion, and in 1953 he incorporated the Church of Scientology in Camden, New Jersey.[7][8]

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