Atlantic Canada's alt-right fringe - 2019-08-09

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F0.png Atlantic Canada's alt-right fringe August 9, 2019, Andrea Gunn, Western Star

Olivia Boonstra is a graduate student studying criminology at Ryerson University and has been tracking the movement of some of these groups.

According to Boonstra, the alt-right in Canada is comprised of pockets of loosely affiliated groups that largely communicate online but have slowly become more vocal.

Groups like the Proud Boys (not to be confused with the right-wing, not-for-profit groups like Ontario or Nova Scotia Proud), the Yellow Vest movement, Northern Guard, National Citizens Alliance, and even Maxime Bernier's People's Party of Canada are just a few that have made headlines across Canada in recent months. Some of these groups are informal, anonymous advocacy groups, while others are registered political parties and not-for-profits, and they exist on a spectrum of right-wing beliefs, from mainstream, small-c conservatism to to those with coded anti-immigration, anti-Islam and anti-Semetic sentiments, all the way to outright white supremacy.

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