Doug Ford's attack on medicare - 2019-04-26

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F0.png Doug Ford's attack on medicare April 26, 2019, Thomas Walkom, Opinion, The Spec

Overall, the current out-of-country rates paid by OHIP are chintzy. An Ontarian requiring hospitalization abroad can receive up to $200 a day ($400 in intensive care). Manitoba, Nova Scotia and the three territories are more generous. So is Prince Edward Island. It will pay up to $1,423 per day for a citizen needing emergency hospital care outside of Canada.

None of this suffices to cover U.S. hospital costs, which can amount to $4,000 a day or more. That's why so many Canadians who travel in the U.S. choose to buy supplementary private insurance.

As a result, the proportion paid by public insurance — by OHIP — continues to decline. It now represents only five per cent of the cost of a typical medical emergency abroad.

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