Doug Ford makes his summer getaway - 2019-07-11

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F0.png Doug Ford makes his summer getaway July 11, 2019, Enzo DiMatteo, Now Magazine

Premier Doug Ford finally resurfaced this week after going MIA following the recent firing of his chief of staff and Etobicoke pal Dean French over a mother of a patronage scandal.

But Doug was as far away as he could be from his political troubles, flipping pancakes at the Calgary Stampede in Alberta with Jason Kenney and the rest of the cowboy-hatted posse of Con premiers (aka The Resistance) dedicated to all things right wing. From there it was to Saskatchewan for some pressing of the flesh with friends of Premier Moe.

Anything to get away, it seems, from questions about the maelstrom back home where the recent cabinet shuffle that was supposed to "reset" a Ford government in crisis has instead been followed by revelations that friends of friends in Ford's Family Compact are being handed six-figure patronage plums.

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