Englightenment's Dark Side - 2005-01-30

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F38.png Englightenment's Dark Side January 30, 2005, Mark Sommer, Buffalo News

Two days before Jeremy's attack, Elli Perkins called the church seeking help for him, said Anne-Marie Dunning, then the church's "ethics officer." She said Carlson, Jeremy's brother-in-law and the executive director, told her to tell Elli to keep him busy.

Jeremy had been classified by the Buffalo church as a Potential Trouble Source Type III, Dunning said. Hubbard had stated that was a person who is "entirely psychotic" and for whom there was "no treatment of a mental nature."

Reger at first denied to The Buffalo News that Perkins had ever been a Scientologist or taken Scientology classes. Later, she admitted he had been a member.

In fact, Perkins had taken Scientology courses in Buffalo as late as 2002, according to Dunning.

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