God's Army Gathers in Fort Worth - 2023-08-04

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F0.png God's Army Gathers in Fort Worth August 4, 2023, Steven Monacelli, Texas Observer

On the last Sunday of July, an ecstatic crowd of hundreds people gathered inside the Fort Worth convention center. It was opening night of the Southwest Believers' Convention, a week-long event that attracts hundreds of members of the fastest-growing Christian segment in the country. And they expected to witness miracles.

"If you need healing, this altar call is for you, and the gift of healing and the working of miracles will sweep through this room," said Pastor Tony Suarez.

The first man to heed the call wore a shirt that read "Jesus is my Savior, Trump is my President," followed by at least one hundred others who gathered in front of the pulpit, hands raised in praise, as Suarez' voice crescendoed. "In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, be free, be delivered, be healed, and be made whole," Suraez said. "I take authority over the demon that calls itself homosexuality. I take authority over the demon of addiction. And I say you have no right to function and operate the body of these believers."

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