Hubbard's Scientology 'built on nonsense' - 2007-07-02

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F44.png Hubbard's Scientology 'built on nonsense' July 2, 2007, Jill Singer, Herald Sun

Founded by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is built on nonsense from whoa to go.

Hubbard lied about his university qualifications. Thrice married, he posed as an expert on marital success.

In 1964, an inquiry in Victoria found that Scientology presented a grave threat to family and home life.

"As well as causing financial hardship, it engenders dissension, suspicion and mistrust among members of the family," said the inquiry. "Scientology has caused many family estrangements."

As for Hubbard, the inquiry said he built a crazy and dangerous edifice based on a smattering of knowledge in various sciences.

Essentially, Scientology is big business masquerading as religion and we all have reason to question it.

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