Narconon Accused Of Contempt of Court - 1992-02-12

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F23.png Narconon Accused Of Contempt of Court February 12, 1992, Patti Weaver, Tulsa World

Assistant Attorney General Guy Hurst said no hearing date has been set on his application for a contempt citation filed on behalf of the state Department of Mental Health.

Oklahoma County District Judge John Amick had ordered Narconon to remove all of its patients Monday from the unlicensed, uncertified facility, Hurst said.

The penalty for contempt of court is "$200 a day until they purge themselves of contempt and up to six months in jail," Hurst said.

"Normally people follow court orders. I've worked in the Attorney General's office seven years. I can't remember when we've had this problem," Hurst said.

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