Operation Bunny Bust - 1980-01-09

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F0.png Operation Bunny Bust January 9, 1980, Charles Stafford, Scientology: An in-depth profile of a new force in Clearwater, St. Petersburg Times

The Guardians of Scientology called their scheme to "restrain Orsini" Operation Bunny Bust.

It is worthy of full description, now that its dimensions have been laid out in Scientology documents made public by a federal court in Washington. For it demonstrates the callous disregard of the Church of Scientology's Guardian Office for the innocent when it embarks on an operation against someone it has decided is an enemy.

St. Petersburg Times reporter Bette Orsini had dug deeply into the background of Scientology and its founder, science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, in the early weeks of 1976. She was writing a great deal about them. In their new offices in the old Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, the Guardians placed her near the top of their enemies list.

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