Persistent sleuthing uncovers state flaw - 2005-02-06

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F15.png Persistent sleuthing uncovers state flaw February 6, 2005, Robert Farley, St. Petersburg Times

Kramer also notched a second, recent victory, though its sweep wasn't statewide. He spearheaded opposition to a pilot program proposed for Pinellas schools and aimed at reducing teen suicide. TeenScreen sought to have students fill out questionnaires to determine whether they were a suicide risk, then provide them with mental health treatment.

Kramer saw the program as a thinly veiled attempt to get more kids into the psychiatric system and on psychotropic drugs. That, he says, is the real cause of high rates of teen suicide.

Kramer encouraged friends to e-mail the School Board and argue against TeenScreen. Bombarded with more than 700 e-mails, the board voted 6-1 not to go with TeenScreen.

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