Poilievre under fire for misleading email - 2022-06-15

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F253.png Poilievre under fire for misleading email June 15, 2022, Stephen Maher, Macleans

Polievre's supposedly inflated numbers; Tech companies not thrilled about Bill-96; the most—and least—popular premiers in Canada, and more

Pierre Poilievre's opponents tell the Post that a misleading email—titled "Membership status: incomplete"—panicked members into buying a second membership on Poilievre's portal, which inflated Poilievre's membership numbers. Poilievre's campaign says that's not true and the whole thing is a mixup.

Look out: In the Globe, John Ibbitson argues that Poilievre should not listen to those who will urge him to moderate his message in the hopes of broadening his appeal. He points to a slick one-take video that Poilievre filmed walking through the mess at Toronto Pearson International Airport, which Liberal spinner Scott Reid observed shows that Poilievre has loads of game, and Liberals had better start reckoning with him. Ibbitson points out that Poilievre is connecting.

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