Postmedia's History of Climate Change Denial - 2020-01-27

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F84.png Postmedia's History of Climate Change Denial January 27, 2020, Kian Malekanian, North99

Canada's largest media chain, Postmedia Inc. has a fickle relationship with climate science. The company's publications have long been a pulpit for climate change deniers. They serve as a platform like none other – at least in Canada – for the dissemination of anti-science and anti-environmentalist views.

Once upon a time, their contributors had no problems stating plainly their real views. If only they were still as forthright. Nowadays they're "climate skeptics," "pro-oil," or "anti-tax." The media conglomerate, which has an estimated 200 publications, has a murky history of giving a platform to this type of commentary.

The Denier in Chief: Rex Murphy

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