Scientology's plan for Canada - 2012-09-26

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F0.png Scientology's plan for Canada September 26, 2012, Nicholas Köhler, Macleans

EVERY FEW MONTHS or so, Adam Holland, an intense but baby-faced 24-year-old, dials his father's number and leaves a message. His father, Paul Holland, who lives in the Toronto suburb of Richmond Hill and works as an electrical engineer, never picks up or returns his calls, Holland says. "But as a son I think it's my responsibility to let him know that I'm there for him, and that I'm willing to look past everything." By Holland's account he last saw his father more than two years ago, when the Church of Scientology declared him a "suppressive person," prompting his father, a longtime Scientologist, to "disconnect" from and shun him. "I definitely know he still loves me," Holland says. "We aren't parting because of a serious disagreement. We've been separated by a large corporation that's used its authority to disrupt a family."

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