The Tory climate plan unplugged - 2019-10-04

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F253.png The Tory climate plan unplugged October 4, 2019, Stephen Maher, Macleans

In TVA's French language debate Wednesday night, moderator Pierre Bruneau asked Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer if he would cut a federal subsidy for electric vehicles as Doug Ford cut a provincial program when he took power in Ontario.

"We have assured Canadians that we will continue this program until the end of the schedule," Scheer said. "But we must recognize another fact. The most popular vehicle in Quebec is the F-150. Quebecers are going to continue to buy gas. And I prefer, I have made my choice. I prefer our own gas to gas from the United States. It doesn't make sense for money from Quebec to leave Canada for the economy of Donald Trump when we have reserves."

First off, gasoline, like money, is fungible. Gas from the United States, Venezuela or Saudi Arabia is the same as gas from Alberta, and the idea that we should prefer burning good old Canadian gasoline makes as much sense as arguing that it's unpatriotic to drink California wine.

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