The gospel of the web - 2000-03-23

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F345.png The gospel of the web March 23, 2000, Nick Ryan, Technology, The Guardian

August 12 1995 was a Saturday much like any other in the urban sprawl of Arlington, Virginia. Except that an alert went out over email and on Usenet groups to say that 10 people - including two federal marshals, two computer technicians, one a former FBI agent, and several attorneys - were raiding the home of former Scientologist Arnaldo Lerma.

Leading the raid was Helena Kobrin, a senior lawyer representing the Church of Scientology. She was well known on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology , due to her frequent postings which insisted on the deletion of files she claimed contained the Church's copyrighted materials. Another was Earle Cooney, a Church lawyer who chaired the board of Boston university.

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