Work in Sweeney canyon stopped - 2009-02-18

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F0.png Work in Sweeney canyon stopped February 18, 2009, Jami Ford, Green River Star

Work being done in Sweeney Canyon south of Rock Springs has come to a standstill, according to Sweetwater County Attorney Brett Johnson.

County residents had expressed concerns over IGSS building something unknown in Sweeney Canyon in 2008.

Rumors flew as suspicions surfaced about possible links between IGSS and the church of scientology, and people started to make formal complaints.

As concerns rose, multiple notices to stop the work were issued from the Sweetwater Planning and Zoning Office.

Representatives made multiple visits to the Planning and Zoning office, but failed to declare their intent with the land, or pursue the proper permitting procedures.

Since then, the case has been turned over from the Planning and Zoning office to the County Attorney's office.

"There is no litigation at this point," Johnson said. Johnson explained operations have ceased in the canyon.

"I hope they will choose to go through the proper permitting process before resuming work," he added.

The intent of IGSS remains unclear at this time, as county officials continue to monitor the situation for any changes.

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