A Click in Time Saves Minds - 2001-10-04

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F41.png A Click in Time Saves Minds October 4, 2001, Alan Prendergast, Denver Westword

This is what you'll find most prominently listed: Reports on how church members are organizing blood drives and food banks in the wake of the terrorist attack on New York City. Testimonials from celebrity Scientologists, including Juliette Lewis and Isaac Hayes. Sites that explain how Scientology gets people off drugs and supports religious freedom.

This is what you won't find, unless you scroll through several pages of pro-Scientology links: "SCIENTOLOGY DIRTY SECRETS. Before you get taken in by any of Scientology's claims, check out the largest free archive on the real Scientology -- the Scientology they don't want you to know about. www.factnet.org."

According to Lawrence Wollersheim, a founder of the Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network, FACTNet has been consigned to a peculiar kind of Internet hell by a "search engine sabotaging tactic" employed by the Church of Scientology. The Boulder-based nonprofit Web site -- which features an archive of information about CSI and other "new religions" that FACTNet regards as dangerous cults -- has seen its ranking in GoTo search results drop precipitously in recent months, buried by pro-Scientology sites that bid higher for favored placement, an arrangement known as "pay-per-click."

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