Canada through Stephen Harper's Eyes - 2011-03-23

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F0.png Canada through Stephen Harper's Eyes March 23, 2011, Stephen Harper, The Tyee

(Editor's note: Fourteen years ago Stephen Harper was vice president of the National Citizens Coalition, an Alberta-based think tank that crusades for smaller government and less taxes.

Today, on the eve of another federal election, the NCC's web site says: "Is Canada today perfect? Far from it. Have we conservatives been able to accomplish everything we want? Not by a long shot. But we now have the people, the tools and the political will to help bring Canadians the government they deserve at a price they can afford."

Next week Stephen Harper will begin his fourth try at winning a majority government for the Conservative Party he welded together from its predecessors, the Reform Party and the Progressive Conservatives.We thought it might be a good time to run in its entirety the speech Harper gave to a June 1997 Montreal meeting of the right-wing U.S. Council for National Policy, in which he spoke frankly about the aspirations and criticisms he holds for Canada.]

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