Liberal Groups Fear O'Keefe Election Sting - 2020-09-26

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F375.png Liberal Groups Fear O'Keefe Election Sting September 26, 2020, Will Sommer, Daily Beast

This summer, a mystery man named James Fortune began approaching voting rights groups in North Carolina.

Fortune, who claimed to be the operator of a progressive-minded North Carolina gym called "Equality Gym," donated a few thousand dollars to the groups. Then he started asking whether they could illegally register undocumented immigrants to vote.

As the groups became suspicious, Fortune vanished—leaving behind only a blurry picture of himself, no proof that his gym actually existed, and suspicions that he was using an alias. But the wired money came from a Georgia group with ties to a QAnon House candidate and a network of other Republican figures, raising suspicions among the groups that Fortune was working for right-wing undercover prankster James O'Keefe or an O'Keefe imitator.

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