People in the News - 1997-11-06

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F372.png People in the News November 6, 1997, Associated Press

A busy congressman couldn't make it to his daughter's school play, so he called on John Travolta to give him a boost in his approval rating.

Travolta phoned Lara Salmon, daughter of Rep. Matt Salmon, this week to wish her luck in her high school production of "Hello, Dolly!"

The star invited the 17-year-old to the set of his next movie.

"He knows my daughter is his biggest fan," Salmon said.

Salmon, an Arizona Republican, and Travolta met when the actor lobbied Congress earlier this year to push Germany to ease restrictions on the Church of Scientology. Travolta, a church follower, made the call to Lara after a House committee that her father sits on took a voice vote in support of Scientology and other religious groups.

Mike Paranzino, Salmon's spokesman in Washington, said there was nothing improper about the congressman seeking a favor from Travolta.

"This is a non-story," he said Thursday."

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