Scientology underground vault alarms Wyo. town - 2009-02-11

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F205.png Scientology underground vault alarms Wyo. town February 11, 2009, Mead Cruver, Associated Press, Houston Chronicle

The contractor, International Ground Support Systems of Santa Fe, N.M., also has said it plans to build a 3,500-square-foot caretaker house and an airstrip, county officials say. But they allege that IGSS has failed to apply for two required permits for work done so far.

The mysterious project has riled some neighbors, who value the solitude of their remote community, located about 150 miles east of Salt Lake City.

"I don't care if it's Church of Scientology, the Roman Catholic Church or, you know, Kraft Foods," Barton said. "We have development activity occurring - has occurred and, rumor has it, continues to occur - without required permits."

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