The Anti-Immigration Crusader - 2011-04-17

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F37.png The Anti-Immigration Crusader April 17, 2011, Jason DeParle, New York Times

While the whole movement grew more vehement as illegal immigration increased, Dr. Tanton seemed especially open to provocative allies and ideas. He set off a storm of protests two decades ago with a memorandum filled with dark warnings about the "Latin onslaught." Word soon followed that FAIR was taking money from the Pioneer Fund, a foundation that promoted theories of the genetic superiority of whites.

Dr. Tanton, who remains on the FAIR board, denied charges of racial bias and donated his papers to the University of Michigan to show that he and colleagues "are not the unsavory types sometimes alleged." They include hundreds of private letters, some outlining his interest in genetic differences between the races and concerns about the country's changing ethnic mix.

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