Binman Benji sues jewellery empire heir - 2001-05-06

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F345.png Binman Benji sues jewellery empire heir May 6, 2001, Conal Walsh, The Observer

He is best known for rummaging through the dustbins of the rich and famous. But Benjamin Pell has betrayed an appetite for Hollywood glory in a bizarre legal action launched against John Mappin, an heir to the Mappin and Webb jewellery empire.

'Benji the binman' has been a legend in Fleet Street since the Sunday Times and other papers began to base exclusives on his smelly but newsworthy discoveries. And when the idea arose to make a movie about his life, he jumped at the chance.

But his dream has turned sour. Pell is accusing Mappin of hoodwinking him out of nearly £80,000 with empty promises to turn his story into 'the biggest movie of all time'.

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