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Toronto Org

"Under renovation", since mid-2012
Type Class V Org
  • 696 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates 43°40′04″N 79°23′10″W / 43.667793°N 79.385992°W / 43.667793; -79.385992
Ward 27: Toronto Centre-Rosedale
Executive Director
Werner Strejewski

The former "Continental" Org in Canada for Scientology, WISE, CCHR and other groups. Eight stories plus a penthouse floor. Currently mothballed and rotting.



  • Closed, "under renovation" since mid 2012.
  • Org activity relocated to temporary org 3rd floor, 77 Peter St. Closed at or before May 2016.
  • Org activity relocated to temporary org at 2 College St. Closed at or before May 2018.
  • Org activity relocated to temporary org at 284 King St E, Toronto.
  • Continental Liaison Office activity relocated to temporary CLO Canada location in Guelph Ontario.


  • 696 Yonge St. (St. Mary St, South of Bloor)
  • (416) 925-2145



  • President: Yvette Shank (Probably relocated to wherever the CLO is.)
  • Executive Director: Werner Strejewski[1]
  • Director of Special Affairs (OSA): Pat Felske[2]
  • Director of Legal Affairs (OSA): Unknown
  • Director of Public Affairs (OSA. Frequently a mask for the DSA): Pat Felske


  • Body Router: Mario.
  • Ethics Officer: Edmund Yee.


Mission of Riverdale
  • 302 Broadview Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Church of Scientology Mission of East Toronto Closed in 2009.
  • Church of Scientology Mission of Riverdale, 302 Broadview.
  • Church of Scientology Mission of Malvern, 1371 Neilson Road, Suite G08, Scarborough, Ontario.[2] However as of August 2013, they weren't listed at that address.[3]

Front groups



Temp Toronto Org

The temporary org
  • 77 Peter St, 3rd floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates 43°38′48″N 79°23′33″W / 43.6465938°N 79.3924299°W / 43.6465938; -79.3924299
Remarks Closed at or before May 2016.
Mission of East Toronto
Remarks Closed in 2009.

Protest issues

  • The org does not own the sidewalk under the overhang, according to city charts showing the width of Yonge St.
  • The building sways in high wind and cracks windows. Original owners were granted a variance to add the overhang to catch falling glass from above.
  • During the peak year of Anonymous protests, a temporary "gentleman's agreement" was made with the police to not picket on the public sidewalk in front of the Org, mainly because of pedestrian traffic considerations due to the number of Anonymous protestors. The Anonymous who agreed to this are long gone, the agreed period is long over, and previous Old Guard protestors always picketed in front of the Org from 1997 through 2004 or so. I believe that the Org has claimed that they can't be responsible for the actions of their members who might go out of control. Fine. That's no reason to curtail the Charter of Rights and Freedoms rights of legal protestors. Do nothing illegal, take lots of video, and if any of their picket handlers loses their nut, give copies of the video to the police and social media.

Religious status in Ontario

  • They don't have it due to lack of Canadian charity status.[4]
  • Some reverends managed to get on the Ontario list for performing marriages during the pre-CRA rejection period, currently five left.[5]

50% property tax exemption

  • Obtained by legal threat to Toronto while the Revenue Canada charity application was being processed.[6]
  • It was supposed to be reviewed after application approved/denied, but Revenue Canada keeps results confidential, including rejection, so that never kicked off the review process.
  • Meanwhile property tax authority was shifted to a provincial company MPAC in 1998, which doesn't seem to want to open that can of worms.[7]
  • Do they use the Toronto example to get other exemptions in Ontario?
  • Involved groups:

Lagging "renovation"

  • While the property is vacant during renovation, it can't be used for religious purposes and should be taxed at the full rate.
  • Which municipal bodies/departments have authority over renovations?
  • Do they have any kind of permit or permission for renovations?
  • It seems that their alteration proposal was refused January 2013.[8] New applications were submitted December 22, 2014 and are still under review as of February 28, 2015.[9]


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